Groups of Interest - External

Hebron, S.A. always promotes the maximum quality, satisfaction, safety and excellence in the products and/or services provided to its customers, as well as in the attention to them, complying with the current regulations that apply to them. Respect, professional responsibility, transparency and honesty lead all our business relationships.

Hebron, S.A. is committed to offer customers all the information they need with due transparency and without ambiguous or non-rigorous expressions that can lead to confusion or induce error, always complying with the applicable regulations, with the objective to offer publicity and promotion of the product and/or certain and truthful service, without engaging in practices of unfair competition, nor to use false or misleading advertising instruments.

The relationship with suppliers and contractors must be made on the basis that they are employees of the Organization, therefore, the treatment must be between equals and within the current legal framework. The Organization prioritises relationships with suppliers and contractors that, in the course of their activities, incorporate criteria of quality, sustainability and regulatory compliance, as well as sufficient technical, organizational and risk control capacity, coupled with the lack of incidents that could affect their professional or business reputation.

Hebron, S.A. actively promotes among suppliers that provide services, adherence to and compliance with this Code in all that it is applicable, being able to establish a breach by them as a cause of contractual termination.

In Hebron, S.A. business partners are an indispensable part of the Organization's development and growth, as well as the attainment of other objectives, and therefore, we continually strive to build and maintain a solid and prosperous relationship with them, in order to achieve mutual benefits.

The Organization supports free market and fair competition and respects the rules related to the Competition Law, as well as all anti-corruption regulations.

Hebron, S.A. undertakes to compete with other market agents in compliance with the principles of free competition, avoiding any conduct that entails an abuse of competition or restriction of competition, complying with the antitrust rules and those that may be applicable by regulatory authorities.

Hebron, S.A. undertakes to comply with any regulations applicable to it at local, national or international level in the area of ​​competition law and will collaborate with the authorities that regulate the market.