Expandable microspheres

Endofoam PHF is a physical foaming agent consisting on hollow polymeric spheres composed of a liquid hydrocarbon encapsulated in a thermoplastic shell. Upon heating, the shell softens and the inside pressure increases leading to the microsphere expansion.

The volume of the microspheres may expand 80 to 100 times and its density after expansion can be lower than 0.03 g/cm3.


  • Foaming agent and lightweight filler.
  • Density reduction meaning less quantity of materials required.
  • No emissions or residues during expansion.
  • Prevents shrinkage and warpage in injection moulding.
  • Surface modification achieved by adjusting the amount and size of the added microspheres without affecting the original process.
  • Resilience and compressibility capability.
  • Easy control of foaming process.
  • Compatibility with wide variety of plastics and rubber base materials.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Printing ink
  • Coatings
  • Screen printing
  • Shoe material
  • Weather strips

Our microspheres Endofoam PHF are available both in powder and in masterbatch formats.