Hebron offers a wide range of foaming agents based on Azodicarbonamide of the highest quality.

Main applications:

  • Lightening the weight of materials.
  • Improve acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Manufacture construction materials or elements that absorb impacts.


  • ADCA Standard: Pure ADCA Powder.
  • ADCA Ultra: ADCA powder slightly additived to improve the texture homogeneity and reduce the production of dust. These products offer very good results in plastisols, reducing viscosity.
  • ADCA Mix: ADCA additived to adjust it to the temperature of the manufacturing process and to the decomposition speed.
  • ADCA Masterbatch: Predispersed pelletized ADCA in a polymeric matrix (granules).

Final products:

  • Shoe soles.
  • Coatings.
  • Pipes and profiles.
  • Natural leather.
  • Light plastic products.


  • PVC, rubber, PE, PP, EVA, EPDM among others

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