UNIFOAM® AZ products are exothermic foaming agents based on Azodicarbonamide.

Main applications of our UNIFOAM® AZ:

  • Polyolefin foam: High performance in both chemical and physical crosslinking in the manufacture of sheets or foam blocks for high demand applications such as automotive, packaging or sports, among others.
  • PVC foam: suitable for the foaming of PVC plastisols with final applications such as shoe soles, synthetic leather or coatings. In addition, UNIFOAM® AZ is suitable for the manufacture of foamed PVC pipes or sheets.
  • Extrusion and pressure molding of rubber foams and EVA: High gas volume efficiency in rubber extrusion for final applications such as pipes, sheets or joints. In addition, UNIFOAM® AZ is used in EVA pressure molding.

We also have UNIFOAM® AZ ULTRA grades.


  • Improve homogeneity and free flowing character.
  • Reduce the generation of dust.

Main application:

  • plastisols, reducing their viscosity or helping to maintain the proper working viscosities.

Contact us if you want to get recommendations on the most appropriate grade for your application.