Hebron offers a wide range of foaming agents based on inorganic salts (ENDOFOAM®). Thanks to our high experience in foaming agents, as well as our manufacturing procedures, we develop grades according to the consumer's need.


  • Lightening the weight of the materials (density reduction) keeping the surface smooth.
  • Improves thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Increases the ability to absorb impacts.
  • Safe grades
  • It does not emit any type of smell or residue in the final product.

Main applications:

  • Foaming of rigid PVC and PP: we have hybrid grades for extruded pipes and other profiles.
  • Injection molding of PP parts for packaging in contact with food, automotive components and parts for transport such as pallets, boxes and plastic containers.
  • It can be used as a nucleating agent to support other foaming processes.


  • Powder
  • Masterbatch (pellets containing inorganics salts, resin and other additives). Our masterbatch manufacturing process allows high percentages of foaming agent (> 50% by weight) maintaining maximum quality.

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