Hebron committed to social responsibility

20 Dec, 2018

One more year, Hebron has decided to donate to Aspayfacos, a non-profit association of La Llagosta (Barcelona), the amount intended for Christmas postcards.

A gesture of support for a social cause, which reinforces the values ​​of Christmas and Hebron's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Aspayfacos focuses its efforts on helping and improving the quality of life of people with mental disabilities (functional diversity) and their families.

Functional diversity is a concept that expresses that we all have different capacities. However, some people are born or suffer during their life some type of disability that makes it difficult, to a greater or lesser extent, to live normally. It is everyone's responsibility to find solutions to make life easier for those around us with their diversity.

The Hebron team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.

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