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Foaming Agents

Hebron has a wide range of foaming agents based on the finest quality Azodicarbonamide. Foaming agents can be used in several industries, for instance to light up material’s weight, for acoustic and thermal insulation, to make materials for construction or elements to absorb impacts. Some examples of final products are shoes soles, floor and wall coverings, pipes and profiles, synthetic leather or light plastic-made products.

ADCA is mainly used in PVC, rubber, PE, PP, EVA and EPDM. Hebron offers different grades in the following formats:

ADCA Standard: pure Azodicarbonamide powder.

ADCA Ultra: Azodicarbonamide powder, with a small percentage of additives to maintain texture homogeneity and reduce dust production. These products are perfect for plastisols (confering less viscosity).

ADCA Mix: Modified Azodicarbonamide adjusted to production process temperature and decomposition speed.

ADCA Masterbatch: Azodicarbonamide compound in pellets.