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Inorganic Blowing Agents

Inorganic Blowing Agents: ENDOFOAM®

Hebron offers a wide range of endothermic foaming agents based on inorganic salts (ENDOFOAM®). On account on our high experience in blowing agents, as well as our controlled manufacturing procedures, Hebron can provide a high-quality product that can be customized according to customer needs.

Inorganic Blowing Agents series ENDOFOAM® targets are to light-up materials weight, to improve the thermic and acoustic insulations or to increase the properties of materials to absorb impacts. It can be used in injection moulding of PP parts to obtain final products such as food packaging, automotive parts and transit packaging like plastic pallets, boxes and containers. In addition, it can be used as nucleating agent as a support of other foaming processes.

ENDOFOAM® series of blowing agents are innocuous and safe. The product does not give off any odor or leave any colour residue on the product. It yields a good density reduction while providing at the same time a smooth surface and a smaller cell structure (Compared to the use of other blowing agents) to the final product in processes such as extrusion or injection.

Our ENDOFOAM® grades can be supplied in powder appearance or masterbatch (Compound in pellets with the resin carrier and other additives). Our masterbatch manufacturing process allows high blowing agent loads (Above 50%) while keeping constant quality.

Hebron has also developed a series of hybrid endo-exo blowing agents for particular uses in rigid PVC and PP foaming like extruded pipes and profiles. For other applications, we can also develop custom made products. Contact us for more information.