Hebron offers a wide range of foaming agents based on inorganic salts (ENDOFOAM®). Thanks to our high experience in foaming agents, as well as our manufacturing procedures, we develop grades according to the consumer's need.


  • Lightening the weight of the materials (density reduction) keeping the surface smooth.
  • Improves thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Increases the ability to absorb impacts.
  • Safe grades
  • It does not emit any type of smell or residue in the final product.

Main applications:

  • Foaming of rigid PVC and PP: we have hybrid grades for extruded pipes and other profiles.
  • Injection molding of PP parts for packaging in contact with food, automotive components and parts for transport such as pallets, boxes and plastic containers.
  • It can be used as a nucleating agent to support other foaming processes.


  • Powder
  • Masterbatch (pellets containing inorganics salts, resin and other additives). Our masterbatch manufacturing process allows high percentages of foaming agent (> 50% by weight) maintaining maximum quality.

The main ENDOFOAM grades of our portfolio are detailed below:

Powder Format:


Polypropylene Polyethylene PVC Packaging (TWP, food contact, etc.) sink mark prevention in injection moulding
Endothermic grades Working Temperatures extruded PP pipes extruded PP profiles extruded PE pipes extruded PE profiles PVC extruded sheets
P2H 160 - 220
P3H 200 - 250
P4H 160 - 220
P5H 150 - 190

Masterbatch Format:

Endothermic grades Working Temperatures Foaming of extruded PP pipes and profiles Foaming of injection moulding parts/pieces Foaming of extruded PO pipes and profiles PO foaming in injection moulding processes Foaming of extruded pipes and profiles PE sheet extrusion sink mark prevention in injection moulding PS extrusion
MB BM A20001 145 - 210

MB IM D60400 140 - 215

MB A7501 145 - 210

MB A5001 140 - 220

MB F5002 140 - 220

MB IM A75004 140 - 210

MB IM A75003 140 - 215

MB IM A60400 140 - 215

MB IM F75602 140 - 210

MB IM A75007 140 - 215

MB IM F25601 140 - 210

MB F7501 145 - 210

MB D8001 145 - 210

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