Agentes Espumantes. Unifoam AZ

Metallic Soaps for Industrial Use

Standard Zinc Stearate
It is mainly used as lubricant and release agent for polyolefins and PVC and hydrophobic agent in construction.

Zinc Stearate H-50F
Zinc stearate with a smaller particle size. It is recommended in varnishes for a better sanding.

Magnesium Stearate
Magnesium stearate is mainly used as a lubricant in thermoplastic industries. It is often used as a water repellent in building industry.

Calcium Stearate
It is used for internal lubricant in plastic industry, especially for PVC. It is also used as anti-caking and impermeable agent in building industries.

Aluminium Stearate
Lubricant and mould release agent, water repellent for cement in construction, gelling agent which makes thixotropic gels. Used for paints, oils and cement.

Sodium Oleate: Vinstad Lena Ac

Vinstad Lena Ac is a hydrophobic agent. It is used in building industry to improve water-resistance.