9 Feb, 2015

During European Coatings Show 2015 we want to promote our products which are specially designed for this market. One of the most interesting products is Terplus D series. This is high a specialty dispersing agent created especially for inkjet inks.

TERPLUS D series is a block copolymer dispersing agent synthesized using our proprietary living radical polymerization technology (TERP) and offers flexible polymer design. TERP technology can control a wide range of molecular weight and has a high versatility with various monomers. The technology is offering a broad variety of advanced polymer materials (various structurally well-defined polymers containing various functional groups). TERPLUS D dispersants are customized to suit the composition of the dispersion. Using desired functional groups and molecular weight, TERP can construct block copolymers to be used as dispersants, and can achieve optimal compatibility for pigments, binders, and mediums. We offer a wide range of Terplus D series grades for water-based inks, solvent-based inks, and UV- curing inks.

Another very effective product produced by the same TERP technology is Terplus N series which is specially designed for the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Terplus N series are acrylic polymers with high (>105) and narrow molecular weight distribution, which allow reducing the oligomer fraction. Especially for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives application the following properties have been achieved: excellent cohesive strength and stress-relaxation, low adhesive strength, excellent resistance to environmental conditions, high transparence and very good stable ageing properties.

Next featured product is SPB-100, which is a halogen-free phospazene flame retardant. Its flame retardancy properties are a combination of the superior isolation properties with high compatibility with Epoxy resins. Its major applications are circuit boards, functional sealants, high-frequency components, plastics molded filler, adhesives, and paint additives.

We will also promote our wide range of microscopic potassium titanate reinforcement extenders, Dentall WK. Dentall WK series are conductive fillers, that can provide conductive properties to paints, adhesives, and resins. Its main applications are conductive primer for plastic parts (like automotive bumper) and electrically conductive paint (floor and wall).

Last but not least, adipic acid dihydrazide is widely used as cross-linker in paint and adhesive thermoset applications such as Acrylic paint, Chipping paint, Powder paint, Sealants, and Epoxy adhesives.

All our team will be pleased to welcome all interested professionals and partners to in our Stand 1-132 in Hall 1.

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