8 Dec, 2012

Although Flame&Fire retardants are considered contributors to make safer products, they are the least developed additives within the plastic industry. Forecasts point to a greater consumption in the following years, due to a rising concern in developed countries together with the expected growing trend in developing countries.
Flame&Fire retardant manufacturers are increasing efforts to improve their products performance for plastics industry, taking into account environmental respectful aspects. The industry is developing new systems to create better and safer Flame&Fire resistant products. With this aim they are searching for synergic effects among chemicals, investing in new developments and studying fire performance. At the same time, legislation is becoming stricter in wider fields driven by improvements in human safety, such in public transportation like buses.

Hebron S.A. and Otsuka are glad to be part of this innovative Fire&Flame retardant industry, with  Phosphazene SPB-100 to develop new products with better fire&flame resistance, better physical and mechanical properties and becoming environmentally more respectful.