15 Oct, 2020

Not long ago we could read in the news that due to the Covid19 crisis, the Barcelona Food Bank, as well as other volunteer organizations, are on the edge; to the point that they may not be able to continue meeting all the demand they receive.

For this reason, in Hebron we have decided to organize a food drive for the neediest families of La Llagosta, donating the food that our employees have contributed (plus a contribution from Hebron), to the REMS Volunteer Association, a local entity that is dedicated to the distribution of food to the people who need it most, and accompaniment to the elderly among other actions (

Together, we have managed to gather more than 200kg of food and hygiene products, which we hope can satisfy the high need for these items. We want to thank all employees for their participation in this voluntary action and also thank REMS for giving us the opportunity to learn about their cause and to work with them. Thank you all!